mud toaster

in short, it’s another phrase for the act of spitting hot sludge from ones sphincter and further leaving a crust along the outer edge of ones rim.

more specifically, after eating unusually spicy cuisine, a very hot slush of fecal juice makes its way through the large intestine (toaster) and amalgamates with a solid preheated log to form a mushy substance (mud). this mud is then baked for as long as the sphincter can handle.

at the point in which one can no longer clinch, the mud spits and/or spews from the t-rd cutter leaving behind a crust along the rim. this is when you know that you’ve cooked the mud long and hot enough for a toasted crust to form.

this causes -n-l leakage, or what many people know as mud b-tt.
whew, this curry is going right through me. it’s definitely going to lead to a mud toaster.

something’s brewing within me, and it feels like it’s going to be a mud toaster.

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