australian colloquial slang term part dance-move, part seduction technique, the mudcrab involves the protagonist sidling up to unsuspecting members of the opposite s-x (optional) on the dance floor, and without wasting time formally introducing themselves or initiating a civilised conversation, proceeds to b-mp and/or grind against them. this is generally to the dismay of the victim, unless performed during the optimal period for the manouevre, between the hours of 1 and 3am.
can’t wait to mudcrab some hotties this weekend.
a small, weak, defenceless creature with a hard sh-ll. like sto roll about in large quant-ties of mud. more like a lobster than a crab. often scares equally weak peasants.
the mud crab is easy to kill on in the province of cyrodiil
when you get crabs in the hair lining of your -n-s
freds b-m was itchy due to the mud crabs he got from his one night stand.
the result of having -n-l intercourse on a regular basis with a woman with an excess amount of pubic hair in the area of the gooch,which results in fecal matter becomeing lodged in the hair which, resembles a crab.
i railed jessica in the b-tt last night and this morning when i went back for more, she had a bad case of mud crabs.
when you get crabs in the hair lining of your -n-s.
fred’s b-m was itchy due to the mud crabs he got from his one night stand.
1) noun; someone that struggles/fails at life, someone that can’t do anything well.

2) adjective; describing the poor efforts of an action.
1) i played so bad in that game i was such a mudcrab
2) wow that was such a mudcrab effort when you tried to ride that bike

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