spanish for death
dia de la muertes or day of the day

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  • sidetagonist

    a nonessential character that is neither for or against the protagonist or antagonist she’s not helping me at all, i’m sick of this annoying -ss sidetagonist.

  • taming the ox

    when you tell your partner in the middle of s-x that they are thrusting so hard that it hurts; in which you are informing them that they are plowing you with too much force “john, stop it! i am taming the ox before you make me bleed and ache!”

  • sunrise lumberjack

    a sunrise lumberjack is someone who gets multiple simultaneous b-n-rs in the morning, everyday. person 1: “i pride myself on being a sunrise lumberjack.” person 2: “that’s f-cking gross chris.”

  • tairique

    tairique is generally a good person and is very intellegent. he sometimes hurts people without the realisation of it but when he does realise it he apologises isn’t c-cky or arrogant. tairique attracts women with his charm and good looks. he is an amazing friend and never let’s another friend down. he enjoys the attention […]

  • riyago

    riyago is a word used to tell someone who special or “one of a kind” they are. riyago is always spelt with a capital letter due to how special it is you are the best riyago ever . it can also be used in singluar form with no sentence following like: riyago.

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