a s-xual act that may or may not be popular with trans women, according to miranda bellweather in f-cking trans women #0 m-ffing is the s-xual act of penetrating one or both of the inguinal c-n-ls.
i loved m-ffing her last night
forcefully placing the female genitals over the mouth/nose.
he needs a good m-ffing.
m-ffing is the new mudding – since iphone decides to auto correct everything!

– giggles
example: “mo-reece is going m-ffing today in his friend’s amazing rubicon”
to go m-ffing is to go out on the pull, i.e. with the intention of getting laid (generally used for guys.)
guy 1: are you m-ffing tonight?

guy 2: nah, i have a girlfriend mate.
a derogatory word used to describe simultaneous oral s-x between two lesbians, often referred to as 69.
susie hasn’t gotten any all week. tonight she’s getting drunk and going out m-ffing.
to smell like one hasn’t washed for a few months.
phooh, she’s / he’s absolutely m-ffing !

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