verb (p-ssive): to be smothered by a woman’s m-ff in an unpleasant or aggressive manner (nb: usually ref.s to the m-ff of an obese woman)
“what happened to chris last night?”
“oh, dude, he was wasted at the bar and got picked up by this minging fat b-tch!”
“oh man, is he a plumper humper?”
“no dude, i bet she totally m-ffled him.”
when one female block’s another female’s access to a male: i.e. the female equivalent of c-ck block.
i was flirting with dan when i was m-ffled by stacy. f-cking b-tch!
also know as a one hiter quiter to be hit once and instantly hit the ground from a punch or vicious kick or even a blunt object.
he keep messin wit me and imma m-ffled his -ss!

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