a boy acting like a mug
taran slapped himself for no reason he’s acting like a mugan

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  • sn*bpig

    refers to cops that work in rich cities and neighborhoods where being sn-bby is common, if not required a sn-bpig almost gave me a ticket for jaywalking, good thing he didn’t really see what i was doing right under his nose.

  • stickless selfie

    a selfie done specifically without the use of a selfie stick; by hand its a pretty cool drunken achievement to do a shotgun stickless selfie

  • girl j*zz

    when a girl is engaging in s-xual activities and splooges ex:”jaelenn:oh yes ricky keep going, *squirt enters mouth*. oh no!”… *3 months later* ricky:”i’m pregnant with our attack helicopter” jaelenn girl j-zzed all over ricky because he is so hot and pleasures women well

  • lincolnshire lunchbox

    when two people who are siblings, are r-mm-ng. the sibling being rimmed farts a wad of their fathers harry monk into the other siblings mouth he’s picking those cabbages fast today, that lincolnshire lunchbox has given his the strength of popeye.

  • salty greg

    when you abruptly stop going down on your significant other to shout at them for not appreciating you and then out of nowhere he pulled a salty greg on me!

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