good friend of david letterman
going on a “cross country tour” with mujibar to “carry dave’s special message as his goodwill amb-ssador.”

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  • special bacon

    where you place up to 4 slices of raw bacon per -ss cheek and tape it on for 1-2you days and wear ir under clothing and during bowel movements to add flavor. cook it the following day and enjoy! its extreamly delicious. ann prepared special bacon yesterday and we’re having it for breakfast!

  • oztang

    slang term for australian hip hop…. even through his greatest efforts, craig could not help but embrace the oztang…

  • o’dark-thirty

    very early in the morning. o’dark-thirty is aviator speak for those bleak, lonely hours between midnight and 05:00 am. those hours when your brain is telling your body to rest, relax, sleep. “during basic training you will be getting up at o’dark thirty!”

  • oddacy

    an especially odd or peculiar quality, event or person. an oddacy could be a girl who likes to count her pieces of cereal before she eats them, some awkward exchange between strangers, or a person’s ability to bend his or her thumb backwards.

  • specialfied

    past tense of specialfy. the act of making something special in that short bus kinda way. yay, we is mysp-ce friends! i feel specialfied!

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