derrogatory italian term for a colored person, interchangeable with c–n, gi-rilley, jungle bunny, etc…
‘ay tommie, lets go beat the tar outta that mulignone standing by your car…

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  • mulkern

    a crazy, happy, semi-strange, average, and brunette girl that says “jeezo” a lot. she also uses excessive “!”s and is addicted to speed. a:oh jeezo! that girl is totally a mulkern! b:yeah definitely dude!!!

  • flaming *ss launch

    a derivative of fart lighting in which the -n-l methane is used to launch an object. originated in the rain forrests of peru, where the indeginous people launch poinson darts from their -ss-s to kill monkeys. my flaming -ss launch just broke the neighbor’s window!

  • over sleep

    to involuntarily stay sleeping longer than planned. person 1,”how come you only just got up? it’s like, 2pm.” person 2,”i must’ve overslept.” person 1,”over sleep, is that even real?” 1)the act of men crashing at a friend’s house. 2)the male version of a sleep over 1)hey guys, you wanna oversleep!? 2) oversleep is over!!!

  • strip steak b*tterflies

    the curtains that obstruct the path of the p-n-s, also known as excess meat surrounding the external portion of the v-g-n- i was south of the border and i got suffocated by these d-mn strip steak b-tterflies. b-tch could take flight at a moments notice!

  • styroclam

    the disposable hinged styrofoam (no cfcs) container offered by a dining establishment when you can’t finish your entire meal. i thought that i was one hungry mfer, but i ended up having to ask for a styroclam.

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