3 men with mullets thinking they are fighting for justice by looking bad -ss.
the mulleteers are in the bar looking “bad -ss” as usuall. little to their knowing a women is alone. the mulleteers being the super bad -ss party animals feel the uncontrolable urge to help this lonely woman revive her night by looking extremely bad -ss.

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  • Multi Gas

    the rare occurrence when one simultaneously burps and farts at the same time. an extremely relieving but somewhat embarr-ssing event. men are usually impressed while women are usually disgusted, but secretly impressed. norm: dude, i really really regret eating at taco bell last night. what were we thinking? steve: yeah i was multi g-ssing until […]

  • blelete

    (instant messenger terminology): to simultaneously block and delete someone. she wouldn’t shut the h-ll up about her boring little life, so i had to blelete the b-tch!

  • geetafratensclim

    slang for currency gertrude ganked the geetafrate.

  • eff yo couch

    1.)the answer to any comment. 2.)the act of f-cking someones couch 1.)hey! get me some cheese hey…eff yo couch! 2.)you ever wonder what happened to your couch? you know that big hole that’s in it? yeah.. that was me. i effed yo couch.

  • Blended O

    the stimulation of the cl-t and the g-spot at the same time to make one amazing -rg-sm. i gave rayneesha a blended o last night and she wont stop begging for more!

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