a multifandom is a universe consisting of multiple fandom characters and places and universes from books, films, tv shows and stories,
“i loved that multifandom video on youtube!”
a multifandom is someone who is absolutely obsessed with kpop . so obsessed, in fact, that they can’t even only stan just one group. they are physically forced to like heaps of groups because they just can’t choose a solo group to stan.

liking more than one group makes you a multifandom.
“that girl like bts, seventeen, blackpink, exo, bigbang, super junior, nct, wannaone, red velvet, twice, and astro!she’s such a multifandom.”
liking more than one thing or group. example of where to find multifans:

other music
“i like attack on t-tan, -ss-ssination cl-ssroom and a whole bunch of other anime! i’m so multifandom!”

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