mumble trousers

noun. syn.camel toe, trousers that are snug fitting in the groin area. so snug in fact that you can practically see the l-b– (i.e. camel toe). “you can see her lips moving but you can’t hear what she’s saying”. can be lycra or spandex, but are most often ill fitting pants possibly with pleating on the front, or just really tight jeans.
i was down at the ghetto mart today buying cracky snacks and this hoochie came in with her mumble trousers on. one of the guys looked at me knowingly and winked before saying to the hoochie, “what i can’t hear you?”. she unwittingly blinked and continued to gab away on her cell phone, as she purchased a pack of kool cigaretts and a diet c-ke.
trousers or leggings worn by women that are of such a snug fit that the woman’s genitalia are clearly defined through the fabric.
‘she’s wearing mumbletrousers – you can see her lips moving but can’t hear what she’s saying’

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