brit slang for begging stuff, usually used to refer to policemen extracting low-value goods or services (cf. mooching)
local businesses hated constable dixon; he was always coming round mumping free meals and cups of tea.
(aka man pumping)
mumping is the desire, intent, or act of self-pumping one’s own p-n-s, in public,but under cover to effectively relieve the buildup of stale s-m-n acc-mulated in the male t-st-cl-(s) by achieving -j-c-l-t–n. the physical act of mumping plays an important role in brining awareness to the male reproductive organs and the health benefits of male -j-c-l-t–n. while researchers understand that males can literally -j-c-l-t- anywhere and at anytime, the act of doing it in public helps level the playing field between the s-xes by removing the social stigma typically -ssociated with “jacking off”, or more commonly known as mumping.
floyd was caught mumping on the subway but felt no shame.
get a fresh, woman’s dead body. one person put’s their mouth on the v-g-n- and then another person jumps on the stomach then the juices will flow into the first person’s mouth.
where you there when teqwan and octavio were mumping?

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