t-t toucher
hes doing one of muneebs ones
a diesel arab kid with gigantic muscles. the hottest kid alive with a huge p-n-s. a cutie with a booty, a hottie with a body.
girl 1: look at that muneeb
girl 2: i think i’ll go finger myself
the number one person on earth….he wins…..anyone who says otherwise will suffer as the jews did…
muneeb is the greatest hottest person ive ever met.
jacked arab kid who can kick our -ss
did you hear? muneeb kicked the sh-t out of that tally f-g
a pakistani guy who is very kind, very attractive, and is a natural ladies’ man. he is amazing with technology and, if provoked, will not hesitate to ruin your online life (including but not limited to: lunch account, facebook account, twitter account, youtube account, and tumblr account).
example 1:

girl 1: omg muneeb just asked me out!
girl 2: b-tch i wanted him first!

example 2:

guy 1: dude i called that guy a dumb-ss and he hacked my lunch account and removed $300!
guy 2: d-mn, he must be a muneeb.
a super jock who loves his education and likes chodes.
hey matt what do you call a buff guy that no one likes


a muneeb.
big black man
hes a muneeb

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