a variation of necrophilia involving two live people and one dead (male or female)

to munt; find and dig up a semi-decomposed corpse, one person then goes down on said corpse whilst the other jumps on the dead persons stomach – causing the juices (decomposed organs etc.) to be forced from all orifices, these are then drank by the person orally connected to the corspe.
hey mary lets go munting, they buried your sister two weeks ago now. she’ll be ripe!!
to regurgitate pure foam, as a result of excessive consumption of foamy alcohol.
i drank too much beer and resorted to munting in the bush.
this dude munted badly last night.
to zone out due to the effect of (usually) illicit drugs. this sometimes involves the rolling of eyes, involuntary body shakes and serious gurning. see -gurning
we lost dave, but then found him in the corner of the club munting out.
when taking large and rediculous amounts of drugs and going crazy. often used to discribe someone who is on a bender. symtoms include speaking weird, rapid speach and motions, chewing ones face off, and other general misdomeaners
oh f-ck gatty just smoked 18 points he is going to be ‘munting’ for days

a depraved s-xual act whereupon two people dig up a corpse, and once exhumed; (sigh 🙁 ) one person stradles its face while the other jumps on its stomach until its half rotting entrails gush out of its mouth. ….aperantly….
e.g. tom “hey jane lets go dig up that dead guy”
jane “sure tommy lets go”
tom “ok jane now you sit on his face remember to cover your nose!”
jane “im ready tommy”
tom “whump whump whump whump whump….”
the act of munting(man+bunting).
derogatory term used to describe when a male ballplayer (softball or kickball) strikes the ball ineffectually and hits a bunt single (an egregious offense when done intentionally).
no munting! get back to the plate and hit again you munter!
used to describe a disgustigly dutty girl, derived from a munted-ting.
a: eugh blud that girl is munting

b: trusssss

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