person better then artem;s-x god
that person is such a munzer

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  • schagma

    excess build up of sweat and bodily secretions in or around the genitals. i was going to go down on her but the smell of schagma made me puke.

  • schaubed

    when a quarterback ends a football game by throwing an interception that results in his team losing the game with ten seconds left on the clock, the quarterback schaubed the game.

  • crack town

    the expression crack town is usually for the housing projects. “attention all officers we’ve got trouble in crack town!” “i got this stuff from crack town bro.”

  • pop and run

    n. a form of martial art that consists of sucker punching your opponent and then fleeing for your life. i gave jong the old pop and run, but he caught my slow -ss and beat the cr-p outta me.

  • pop and lock ness monster

    a fictional lock ness monster that dances got to youtube and search dance baby dance by sick animation it has the pop and lock ness monster

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