it’s a type of outdoor poster that you usually find on the street beside a bus stop

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  • murder drive

    nickname for mercy drive in orlando, fl man don’t f-ck wit them boys on murder drive

  • murderview

    maryview hospital in p-town va. named for its expertise in killing patients. “yeah man, joe went to maryview hospital earlier” “and now he’s dead. that’s murderview for you”

  • murdle up

    1. to get into a vehicle and go somewhere 2. to go somewhere period, not necessarily by car but usually “yo man you tryin to murdle up real quick and go get b-tts?” to get into a car and leave a certain place “yo you tryin to murdle up real quick to go get b-tts”


    1.a way of expressing extreme anger towards all through yelling, punching, and headb-tts. 2. a new style of gutteral texas hate screaming depress someone to the extent of suicide with one word “did you see that guy murging on that old lady, he broke her arm?” 2. “that singer murged so hard he threw […]

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    the wapstach located on the upper lip of the domestic murl if you tease them long enough about it they may shave it off wow murl thats a big murlstach you have got there

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