free spirited wild releats its one self with a party animal open minded but a rare species one to run naked threw the woods and scary old people

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  • murkalicious

    something or someone with the propery of killing or beating badly reggie miller has the tendency to be very murkalicious in nba jam when playing against lawrence cannon. something that has the properties of killing/ beating you badly reggie miller has a tendency to be very murkalicious in nba jam.

  • Muriyah

    the most amazing friend anyone could ask for, knows how to get her way, loves to smile and sing, beautiful. crazy girl, all the guys love her, good listener, 4ft tall, and amazing just the way she is. :d :d guy number one “oh sh–, look at her” guy number two “she must be a […]

  • naftel

    a rather h-m-s-xual male who enjoys snoodling with male partners who are disadvanteged with schmagma elton john and george michael would really love a naftel

  • Nushie

    often used to describe a female: beautiful winner intelligent etc. ideal or almost perfect dude she’s so nushie.

  • Nutley Train

    a metaphor for a train which stops for no one, nothing and nowhere. in it’s 62 years service, it has inst-tuted the fall of the berlin wall, and the long awaited reunification of east and west germany; helped america elect it’s first african american president in the form of barack obama, and is well on […]

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