a kapamangan word means crazy
i told you i don’t have any of your money you are murit!

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  • qfi

    alt: quoted for irony used most offen in cases of hypocrisy. — joe originally wrote “” — jim replied with “” qfi quoted for idiocy put qfi when someone just says something so stupid that you must point it out to the rest of the world “please don’t not shot me” “qfi now die”

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    1. teller of sacred truths, averisms. 2. a truthsayer of truisms ‘a savior we can all agree on, is savoring the moment.’ — averist marcus hollman

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    1.when a man gets caught with boogers all up on his sh-t 2. when a man/woman is cheating on their partner bobby sue caught ray ray booger d-ckin around in her new log cabin trailer house.

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