(adj) a beautiful woman that doesnt just crave attention, she f-ck-ng gets it where ever she goes, shes a beautiful, confident women that knows she can beat your -ss with diamond rings instead of br-ss knuckles, shes the portrait of utter perfection.
girl 1 : ommgzz look at her!

girl 2: roxerz shes totaly murkilicious

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  • geoff's disease

    the disease that can strike without warning, geoff’s disease has affected a number of young men worldwide. symptoms includes being ridiculously good looking, s-xy, and smelling great. the disease can cause extreme jealousy in other men and can cause women to become overly hot and bothered. “that guy has a touch of geoff’s disease”

  • get some *ss

    the act of getting s-x usually from a woman. i’ll feel better once i get some -ss!

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    someone that is involuntarily abstaining from s-xual relations, made impossible from obesity. joe: so, are you hitting that? ralph: no, i’m obchaste.

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