means you want p-ssy, s-x, etc. it was popularized by james carter aka chris tucker
carter: lee! cmon man, you gotta lay low and relax, and besides i want some mushu!

lee: carter! this is no time for messing around!
to engage in acts of physical intimacy with a member of the s-x to which you are attracted. including, but not limited to, tongue, -ss, p-ssy etc..
i got mushu from your mom last night (and it wasn’t the kind you eat)
acts of foreplay.

a type of chinese soup.
hey man, i want some mushu!
mushu, you hungry?
no, not mushu, mushu! i want some women man.
(coutesy of rush hour 2)

ruey, you still want mushu?
the most bad-ss little red dragon ever from the disney movies mulan and mulan 2
guy1: did u see mulan
guy2: yeah that mushu is bad-ss
a bar in bacolod city, philippines. where the party peeps and cool kids hangout in, its usually -ssociated with non “buki” people, which means people who are basically cheap, they go elsewhere, so that means, if you got less than 1000 php, get the f-ck out! mushu is also cool place to chill and hangout with some hot girls.
i went to mushu, and i think i just got way cooler
1. an attractive female
2. p-ssy
1. pamela anderson, carmen electra, etc…

2. yo son, i saw wiefy on friday, and got some mu shu
coolest name for chinchilla’s ever! mushu’s are well known for their ninja awesomeness and being bad-ss. those that are chinchilla’s love dandelion treats and exploring
g: she’s got a mushu!
b: a what?
g: a ninja chinchilla!
b: awesome

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