music banter

easily the best music forum message board on the interwebz and home to one of the most awesome, brutal and merciless moderators of all time, right-track.

great place to waste your life.
“your taste in music is appalling, welcome to music banter!”
a forum filled with semi-pretentious peeps who know way more about music then you. they’re awesome taste and lightning fast ability to criticize you will both fascinate and infuriate you. possiply the best music community on the internet.
you’re favorite bands are horrid! welcome to music banter!

music banter is better then muzicforums because they have a stupid name!
the best forum about general music. overflowing with artists you’ve never heard about but will grow to love, it is a music junkies dream home.

many people have been said to go in to taste it and never come out, wasting away their pathetic lives discovering, downloading, listening to, writing about, and obsessively organizing music in the gigantic music collection that is musicbanter.

unfortunately, those who stay too long become infected with the pretentiousness of the site, as well as picking up an english accent.

if you have any form of social life, this forum is not for you, for it is filled with only those great enough to literally have nothing better to do with their time. it’s the greatest music forum in the world!
i love music banter and i’m a pretentious english tw-t.
a forum made up of people with absolutely no social life, trying to decide whose “record collection” is bigger. this site contains many pretentious biologists so be wary when entering. if you cannot use proper grammar, and have low self esteem avoid at all costs.
don’t forget kids, the higher you post count in music banter, the bigger your p-n-s is
a place of congregation for animal collective fans who argue with incandescent rage if you dare to criticise them.
animal collective rage hate music banter

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