musically girl

a range from 12-14 year old girls who lip sync to songs about p-ssy and belly dance. they own several pairs of adidas and yezzys. the pose around in crop tops and tiny -ss shorts. and when trying to be a f-ckgirl they pose around in calvin klein sports bras and booty shorts
guy 1: dude i just met a fly -ss girl

guy 2 : really what does she do.
guy 1: she dances around for me in nothing but a sports bra and tiny shorts. her makeup is always done.

guy 2 : oh sh-t have you f-cked her yet !
guy 1: no why
guy 2 : i hope you didn’t that’s a typical musically girl she’s probably 14 . you better break up with her before you get locked up again
guy 1 : d-mn why does this always happen

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