further slang of a slang word. “motherf-cker” said accented.
refer to “motherf-cker” for meaning.
“you silly m-th-f-cka!”
“m-th-f-cka, you best get out my face before i slap the taste out your mouth.”
used to express alot of something or to emphasize something.
“you dumb as a m-th- f-cka!”
“that b-tch gay as a m-th- f-cka!”
“you ugly as a m-th- f-cka!”
adj., noun.
(1) see: mother f-cker
(2)alternative spellings: m-th- f-cker, mother f-cka.
man, that b-tch–ss-m-th- f-cka owes me money!
differently pr-nounced version of motherf-cker. can also be used in general speak as a normal word.
gimme yo’ car fo’ i blast u m-th-f-cka!
m-th-f-cka is a noun person place or thing period. interchage able in that context. aslo see m-f-and mother f-cker
f-ck that mothaf-cka. or, when asking for a piece of ones pizza one could say. let me get a piece of that m-th-f-cka
m-th-f-cka n. one sweet–ss jazz musician. a player who’s got chops, feel, and ensemble sensibilities all packed together in an unstoppable machine of jazz creation. see also cat.
tyrone: “hey keaton, you check out that kenny garrett gig last night?”

keaton: “sh-t yeah n-gg-, that m-th-f-cka was burning!”
a cool bunch of rad-sses from a crackhead town. a lot cooler than you.
hey did you see those m-th- f-ckas?

ya, they sure are a bunch of hard-sses!

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