my favorite store on the citadel

“my favorite store on the citadel” is a phrase originating from the line of dialogue “i’m commander shepard, and this is my favorite store on the citadel” from m-ss effect 2. since shepard could\ say this for every single store, it becomes comical and virtually meaningless.

in normal conversation, the phrase can mean something is:
1. average
2. mediocre
3. unremarkable
4. pointless

in addition, it can be used as a completely neutral response when asked your opinion on something and you have none or don’t care either way.
that new adam sandler movie was my favorite store on the citadel.

the new restaurant was whatever, it was my favorite store on the citadel.

wife: “how do you like this dress?”
bored husband: “i don’t know, it’s my favorite store on the citadel. can we go now? we’ve been shopping for hours!”

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