my shorty

my girl! your girlfriend!
that’s my shorty! the hot -ss girl is my shorty!

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  • masturbation procrastination

    when you throw all your responsibilities out the window and just m-st-rb-t-. damon didn’t finish his project until the last minute because he was too busy with masturbation procrastination.

  • office soft

    being too used to a cosy office environment and unable to perform physical labour. or unable to perform in non-air-conditioned environments. 1, “call dave to help us shift this timber” “not dave he’s office soft” 2, it’s freezing in the warehouse. i must be getting office soft.

  • mattress sniffer

    a mattress sniffer, someone who hides under a bed in the hope of sniffing their ladies period leaks man i’m such a mattress sniffer, last night i hid under the bed with my wife’s tampons so she had no choice but to leak her red gushing goodness everywhere

  • uff yaa

    expression uff yaa comes from the cheating community in esports games (such as counter strike). dating back to year 2009, uff yaa has became a commonly used expression in the hvh (hacker vs. hacker) scene in a video game called counter-strike: global offensive. expression was used publicly for the first time in 2009 by a […]

  • simply clean

    a car or an object that look very appealing. “his car is really just simply clean”

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