myah alanna

myah alanna is a “youtuber” who, despite having made videos for a few years, claims to hate the t-tle of being a youtuber. she’s your typical rich c-nt who uses daddy’s bank account to fuel her music career. after releasing one alb-m, she takes on the t-tle of musician and proclaims that anybody who doesn’t know her by her music is a “fake fan”. other than this, myah has been a complete terror to the chat client known as imvu. for three years myah has been slowly growing her presence on the chat client up until now, where she is now a creator on there. though, her creations are known to be stolen from creators bigger than her and half the time she doesn’t make anything herself. she is a typical “bully” type with a huge god-complex. she belittles and talks down to her fans, just to them praise them long enough for them to give her more money. she’s a money-hungry b-tch and is basically “the only jew allowed to own slaves”. sad to say, she grew out of her emo phase and turned into the worse-case-scenario for your “i’m not like other girls” stereotype. she’s known for her “fat, c-nt” insults, green hair, music, and petty insults. synonyms include, but arent limited to: hypocrite, b-tch, theif, and bully.
“wow, that person is such a myah alanna.”
wow, that person is such a hypocrite.

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