a strange cat sound
whoa did that thing just myao gurl?

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  • Berktripe

    adjective. pr-nouced burk . tryp – describing the literal, dillusional perambulations, or other behaviours, of an attention seeker; specifically one who possesses multiple repulsive layers of adipose tissue. what an absolute berktripe.

  • piss ass

    p-ss -ss is used when you are describing something that is junk or and piece of sh-t. “look at that little p-ss -ss car over there” (slang) to a high degree; overly. see syn. at very. i have a job interview at 11am tomorrow, but that won’t stop me from getting p-ss–ss drunk tonight. when […]

  • Flamingo Neck

    to walk past a women and break your neck turning around to see what see is working with from behind. man that girl was banging, she gave me that flamingo neck.

  • flashtabulous

    1. the art of being very photogenic. 2. an expression a photographer (usually a paparazzi) might use when he or she takes a great photograph of someone (usually a celebrity). 1. “that model is flashtabulous!” 2. “britney spears with her pants down?!? that’s flashtabulous!”

  • oatmeal cream pie surprise

    the act of not -j-c-l-t-ng for an amount of time necessary for the s-m-n to become chunky (like oatmeal), and then engaging in -n-l or v-g-n-l s-x until -j-c-l-t–n. dude, i gave that b-tch an oatmeal cream pie surprise!

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