1. your own
2. property
3. ownership
4. equity
bob: hey ,do you want this pillow?
selly: no ,i have myaun.

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  • mxm

    the clicking of one’s tongue to show att-tude. used in texts or online. jack:your being full of sh-t! roxy:mxm whatever!

  • porcelain mask

    when you pull out and then c-m in her face and then immediately splash cold water on her face and watch it harden. i was banging that chick and came all over her face. lucky for me i had a cold beverage on the nightstand so i gave her the porcelain mask.

  • elevator b*tt

    when a girl slowly raises her -ss while lying on her stomach. cats are often known to also do this. man, i was banging the sh-t out of this girl. i flipped her over and she had mad elevator b-tt.

  • emi-night

    working from sun up to sun down: commonly used term stemming from the j-panese culture. i may have to p-ss on the gym again tonight. i’ve got so many projects to finish, and it feels like i’m just going around in circles. probably having an emi-night tonight.

  • emotional prost*tution

    verb – the act of seeking fulfillment through something other than self. usually the person engaged in emotional prost-tution is none other than the emotional prost-tute it wasn’t uncommon for the emotional prost-tute to engage in emotional prost-tution

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