one who suffers from impotency.
unable to get hard on and perform s-xual intercourse.
adam has been diagnosed with myc-xafloppy.

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  • mydixaflop

    the latest form of v–gr-. it is in liquid form. now it is possible to pour yourself a stiff one. i poured myself a gl-ss of mydixaflop and now im having the best s-x ever.

  • elftroll

    1. someone who’s unfavorable genetics cause their face to look like a combination of an elf and troll. 2. person who attempts to post inflammatory content on a message board but instead gets clowned for being a prep-b-scent troll. dude, how does eric ever get laid he looks like a freakin elftroll!

  • elbow talking

    when a guy has a hot girl on each elbow, hes showing off, and hes just pimping quinton was elbow talking so hard at the game last night. i asked if he was a pimp but he just said he was elbow talking.

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    acronym for “day after doritos locos sh-ts”, similar to dads. a common syndrome -ssociated with late night trips to taco bell. ugh i got the munchies last night and have such bad dadls today

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    worthless pieces of living sh-t women are generally wpols, who customarily reject a more competent man for a lesser, based solely on bodily considerations.

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