the most swaggy person you’ll meet but they are cute and athletic you’ll most definitely want to be friends with them! also you shouldnt mess with them if they know things about you

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  • petersnapper

    a d-ck. big d-ck. nice d-ck. mmmmm. i like. girl: “he had a nice petersnapper!!” boy: “that’s g-y”

  • pp suck

    a random phrase for when a friend achieves something amazing. james: hey i just got this new job! josh: ayyyy pp suck!

  • mouseplay

    nowadays mouseplay means to take a breather from work and to escape your boss it comes from the popular expression “when the cat’s is away, the mice will play.” mouseplay stems from the original usage by shakespeare in ‘henry the fifth,’ in 1599 – “playing the mouse in absence of the cat” (act 1, scene […]

  • sarinya

    sarinya is the type of person who will make you laugh even when your down. she is stunning and friendly. she is very hyper and very small. you would be the luckiest person ever if you get to be friends with her. she is always there for you no matter what. i can’t explain how […]

  • n a f t a

    notha afternoon f-ckin that -ss! me: mm that was so good baby him: u wanna n.a.f.t.a me: h-ll yea

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