julz. where’s my pen

jerome. that’s a n.e,k

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  • sebastien gorka

    a real lofasz who, based on his misguided alt-right beliefs, thinks he’s a real counter-terrorism expert. yea, that sebastien gorka, his british accent makes him sound like a reallofasz.

  • pull a cnn

    to blatantly -ssert something as true even though everyone knows it’s a fabricated piece of propaganda that hasn’t been proven after a year of dilligent investigation, misrepresentation, and wishful thinking. dagnabbit! i thought we finally had proof of the collusion when we saw him have lunch at the russian tea room. turns out he was […]

  • exanity

    someone who talks a lot of sh-t and is able to back it up. he is such a exanity

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    suppa swagalicios ryan snudden is suppa swagalicios

  • stuart yasper doug fernandez so sivak*maran

    there aren’t any definitions for stuart yasper doug fernandez s/o sivak-maran yet. can you define it?

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