a n-gg- who can’t get none
and ur point ur a n.w.c.g.n

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  • chergadrim

    when a person is acting as if they are awake but they are actually sleeping & cannot recall their interactions in the morning last night i can’t remember switching rooms i was way to chergadrim

  • buzuki

    the process whereby a person or persons partake is a m-ssive, mind altering, group bukakke in a suzuki swift. hey z, thanks for the great buzuki yesterday, im still blowing my nose clear of all that s-m-n hehehe lol.

  • literally every word in the urban dictionary

    s-x.. the end -goes to urban dictionary- “innocent things” (related words: p-rn\, f-ck\, s-x, c-m, p-ssy, -ss, gay, lesbian, s-xy, hot) boom. literally every word in the urban dictionary!

  • james walter

    an -sshole with a sense of humor don’t be a james walter

  • hades hook

    when you’re all out of lube, but you’ve got a cheeky bottle of tabasco by the bed. so you tabasco lube up and give her the ol’ hook around. “ah mate, that porshia girl was mental last night. she let me give her the old hades hook”

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