n00baphobiais the fear of noobies.
i have n00baphobia; i am afraid of noobs.

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  • Southpaw Shake

    when a handshake is offered but your right hand is busy – such as while holding two beers or perhaps you’re wearing a cast. your only option is to shake with your left. if handled correctly, it comes off more as a low-five instead of an awkward hand-holding moment between two dudes. when i turned, […]

  • Nabsack

    a small beaver like creature that lives on your hip is called a nab. the sack that it lives in is the nabsack. (nabs can only be picked up on a special x-ray) hey, do you like my nabsack?” “i dunno dude, it can’t be seen with the naked eye

  • nadversity

    ad adverse situation suffered by the nads. see blue b-lls the way that girl danced last night put me through a lot of nadversity.

  • Nah dude I'm fine

    common expression of disagreement from a sh-tfacedindividual on their current level of sh-tfacedness. guy 1: you sure you can drive? you’re pretty drunk, you can’t even walk! guy 2: nah dude i’m fine. -pukes in guy 1’s lap- guy 1: f-ckin drunktard…

  • Nail in my coffin

    to smoke a cigarette hey, i’ll be right back, gonna go outside and put a nail in my coffin.

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