a mexican rapist
oh dear don’t go near the nachomuncher

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  • short term mammary loss

    a condition of short term memory loss generally caused by the site of b–bs, whether clothed or naked the effects are the same. dude i totally got short term mammary loss the other day when i saw becky’s b–bs in her new bikini at the beach

  • as always

    the thing youtube content creators say in then end of their videos before asking the viewer to like & subscribe if they found the content pleasing. many content creators do it by habit. when you here “as always” at the end of the youtube video, it’s time to close the vid. as always, my name […]

  • con scene

    a perfectly imperfect relationship between a pisces and an aquarius. “you’re a con scene, your ego and booze will be your downfall.” “you’re a con scene, take your clothes and rip em rip em off.”

  • tire change

    requesting a condom change between taking it in the -ss and giving a bl-w j-b. the phrase originated from the slang term, “rubber” which refers to a condom. while bernie was well known for his s-xual exploration he did have some standards. anyone going atm was going to have to do a tire change.

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    it’s a whoose and a turnip mixed together ur a wurnip

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