no ambition and f-ck all interest

uncountable noun:

tourists who use only a travel guide such as the lonely planet to determine their itinerary. hotels, guesthouses, restaurants and destinations. these may be decided entirely by recommendations made by the book.
example: a restaurant as recommended by that wktg was so crowded that you couldn’t get a table. the nafis were literally standing there waiting and having the cheek to look vaguely irritated by the whole thing; it was heaving. next door was a perfectly good restaurant; the staff were all polite, the surroundings were comfortable and the food was okay but it was virtually empty. there were only two people in there.

example: a friend and i walked into a new town armed with our wktg. it recommended a guesthouse so we went there. it was so crowded with nafis though it was unpleasant. it may have been a nice place at one time, but after being mentioned in the wktg it had become overpopulated, noisy, dirty and unfriendly. just walking minutes down the road we came upon a row of perfectly good guesthouses; cheap, clean and quiet.

if you are in a tourist town then sit back and watch the nafis as they walk in, faces glued to those pages, their destination based entirely around nothing other than on a single travel book, (which loosely spells ‘beans on toast’). in their determination to find that great recommendation a nafi will go past numerous other places that could certainly do with the money and are perfectly okay. get a few beers with your mates and check ‘em out as they go by. great fun!
cool, someone with an att-tude and style..
don’t mess with me.. i’m nafis!
an anogram that debuted in the 90’s in south-africa and possibly other places of the world…. it stands for “no ambition and f-ck-all interest”…..certianly one of the best anograms around.
person 1: dude, wazzup with you? why you not chillin’ with a smile on your face?

person 2: sorry bro’, i’m uber-nafi today….got work tomorrow man.

person 1: aw that’s savage dude, here, have a joint.

person 2: sweet 🙂
an overall great guy.
hes talented, nice, and is modest.
he has a bright future, whether he knows it or not.
yeah, his name is nafis.
the sweetest guy on the planet. has a way of making you feel comfortable and secure without you even realising. one you don’t want to let go of without a fight!! one in a million, billion, trillion!!!
girl 1: ahhh that guy hes really really nice

girl 2: yeahh, hes defo a nafi

girl 1: yep, hes a keeper.
a p-ssy, one with orange / red hair …. looks somethin like a lil cherrii
i seen one nafis looking dude walking down the street!

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