is a name of a princess 💍💜
naii is a beautiful child of god

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  • the british affect

    when you’re instantly attracted to a person (mostly boys) because they have a british accent girl: oh my god that boy is so cute; he has a british accent girl #2: it’s the british affect

  • zanneshia

    a beuitiful girl/women who doesn’t have time for other people and there relationships she tried to help her friend during her relationship and she didn’t listen so zanneshia is the most kind and helpful girl she gave up on helping people and gave up on friends now zanneshia has -ssciotues and a bestfriend the word […]

  • jeziyah

    smart kind great at basketball gets girls always gets a’s or b’s on test girls love him jeziyah is kind and funny and smart ladys love him he’s sick at ball really kind

  • torappu

    a boy who looks so convincingly like a female, that by the time you realise you have made a mistake, it’s already too late. thus, a ‘trap’ this term has come to refer to both anime characters and real life crossdressers/transgender people. felix argyle is a torappu also known as trap in english

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