#nail nazi

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  • take me to the edge

    when one person m-st-rb-t-s another person right to the point of -j-c-l-t–n. take me to the edge, then throws them off makes them c-m.

  • dirty guzzo

    when a man -n-ls a girl and c-ms on her hairline sarah i heard that dominic gave you a dirty guzzo

  • geseppe

    a strong italian man who has a huge d-ck. you see that guy over there? yeah i heard he has a geseppe.

  • thirst balloon

    the inflated ego a presumably attractive woman receives from thirsty dudes who follow her on social media. omg did you see how many likes stacy got on that picture with the low cut shirt? her thirst balloon is so inflated right now.

  • california special

    a process where a man takes a woman to the beach and fills her v-g-n- with sand. he then p–ps into the v-g-n- and inserts his p-n-s to cover it with the contents. the woman than takes the p-n-s covered in sand and p–p into her mouth and sucks on it until the s-m-n is […]

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