a beautiful smart girl who is good at school has shoe game a the best girlfriend very honest and needs to be treated like a queen aka queen bae and is a chic in the streets and freak in the sheets
i love her cause she is such a najeda

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  • king flap

    the biggest of all flaps, always says there going to come out and always bails. this is the worst kind of human being. “why does jake keep bailing on nights out?” “cus jake salmon is king flap”

  • chester ming

    the consumption of marijuana and lsd to the extent where the concept of time is lost. dave: hey what’s the motive for tonight then steven? steven: my friend…it is time to get chester ming’d!

  • pans*xualizm

    the philosophy , teaching and act of having an acceptance of and accepting all s-xual orientations, being h-m-s-xual, heteros-xual, bis-xual, or pans-xual. there is a community that supports pans-xualizm and a community that doesn’t.

  • leisly

    a stuck up b-tch who plays games with your feelings. she is probably in a dance/cheerleader team but is below the average skills at her age. she swears she is prettiest and finest girl of her cl-ss. that girl is such a leisly, always thinking she’s slick.

  • iafwub

    i ain’t f-cking with you b-tch kayla: -texting- omg you ain’t sh-t iafwub jared: iafwub?? kayla: i ain’t f-cking with you b-tch

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