najjamoenna is a very beautiful intelligent women. she is independent and confident. she is crazy and has no problem punching you in the throat if you get out of line. she will do anything for the people she loves and cares about. she is hard on the out side but sweet and comp-ssionate under her hard exterior. she is extremely smart and -n-lytical. she loves math and enjoys proving people wrong. she can get herself out of any sticky situation she finds herself in. she has a great smile but doesn’t like to show it to everyone. has a great -ss. she is obsessed with pickles and dark chocolate. she is a great friend and an amazing bestfriend. she is the kind of person everyone needs in their life. love you forever.
najjamoenna hates the word moist.

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  • hartgen

    a hartgen, frequently known as a hart-gin, is an individual who has an unhealthy relationship in their ‘hart’ with gin and other products alike. often labelled but mistaken as alcoholics, hartgen’s are always out for a good time rather than a long time. farking h-ll, that l-ss is a top hartgen… p-ss her the bucket.

  • chocolate schnitzel

    when two people are doing -n-l and the person giving the d*ck pulls it out of the others -rs- and it’s covered in sh*t yo, me and stephanie were doing -n-l last night and i got a chocolate schnitzel

  • clip around the ear

    when someone is rude to you, you give them a ‘clip around the ear’ (a hit or slap, not necessarily on the ear) to pull them into line. if you keep giving me backchat, you’ll get a clip around the ear

  • chur to the man upstairs

    chur to the man upstairs slang used for saying thanks originally comes from saying thanks to god teddy : “if i p-ss this exam it will be the biggest chur to the man upstairs!” bucket: “haha oath!”

  • locopath

    someone who’s crazy and psychotic -omg she’s so crazy – yeah she’s a locopath

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