nakobe is a guy with the best hair you have ever seen. his love for baseball caps will likely bring him far in life. he can be a compet-tive person when it comes to arguing about who’s a better goalie. nakobe is a notably kind person, in fact, it is next to impossible to think of something annoying he has ever done. has issues getting nerf guns to work, and is good at pull-ups. he has brown eyes, freckles, and is slightly below average height. he has almost shoulder length brown hair. “but it’s not like bad long hair, it looks good, not like one of those times where you’re like why does that person have long hair.”- a random stranger. never rob him.
person 1: omg who was that really nice guy with the cool hair?
person 2: that was nakobe, duh. who else would it be.
person 1: cool

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