bent p-n-s
namaqua has a bent d-ck

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  • nootac

    a word to signal that you’re about to c-m girl: oh yes harder boy: nootac nootac girl: quick quick do it here ————————————– boy: d-mn this some tranquilising puss girl: this some a1 d-ck uhh nootac boy: oh yes let it out mmmmmmm

  • base b*tch

    when a person in rust sits in their base all day crafting. dreamz sat in his base all day just crafting, he is considered the biggest base b-tch of all.

  • corl

    the last name given to only the best. limited to only a select few. his name was “david corl.”

  • full charger

    one who charges their vehicles all the way. a euphemism for one is a c-ntm-ffin and always takes as much as possible even thought they should stop being a wh-r-. marcos you a such a full charger, just stop at 80% bro.

  • pittenger

    a beloved ruler of little people. the people of eubekista followed their pittenger blindly.

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