name drop

to casually drop the name of a famous person who you, a friend or relative know, so as to appear cool vicariously because you know a famous person.
hey, my brother was hanging out with (insert celebrity name here) the other day. he says they’re pretty cool.

man, i hate ben. his dad works in the entertainment industry so all he does is name drop all day.
when someone “drops” names of bands or people they know to sound cool. usually the “namedrop” is totally unecessary!
mysp-ce profiles that list 4000 bands!
“nice name drop, f-g”
naming people you might possible know or have maybe -ssociated with to brag to your friends that you know them, you stupid f-cks.
yeah i know so and so from this band and so and so and i hung out .

stupid namedropping f-gs.
verb. while in conversation, to bring up a name that provokes memories or opinions from those involved in the conversation.
person a: you hear that gwynn and ripkin got into the hall?
person b: yeah but albert belle was the man during the nineties.
person a: ooooh.. good name drop.

appears in the feature film, “grandma’s boy”, in a scene in which “super mario” and “dad” are “dropped” in conversation.
1. to drop someone’s name in a conversation whether a person knows said name or not. commonly found on internet discussion forums and bulletin boards when not used in face to face conversation(s).

2. also see: gayrab, kook, & poser.

3. visit for a further definitives. more at: keyboardracer.
“too funny, dude! check out gayrab’s latest post on the b.b. he happened to be at the same skate spot that (insert pro skater here) was skating. so now he posted that they went together. ha! ha! ha!”

“yeppers, good ol’ ablab. funny stuff, maynard.”
while in a conversation, to rat someone out, or to mention someone’s name when they have asked you not to, or it was obvious that you shouldn’t have.
namedropping in action:

“hey i heard crysty got gonorrhea”

“no way! how do you know?”

“well i promised not to tell… but her friend tommy told me”
a practice of inserting other users’ names into one’s messages on irc with the purpose of attracting their attention. most irc clients display a pop-up and/or highlight the chat window b-tton in the taskbar whenever someone mentions their name.
u here tehadmin?
stop namedropping me, i’m busy
– tehadmin is now known as tehadmin|busy

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