1. a girl’s name meaning modesty, humility, and/or simplicity. originating from hindu.
2. a genius.
3. n-dawg 410625
‘she’s so humble, her name should be namrata’
‘gosh, she’s so smart, she’s a flippin’ namrata!’
‘w-ssawp mah n-dawg 410625?!’
namrata is one of the prettiest girls ever. she is a great friend.. but also has a b-tchy side (just like any other girl). she can either be your bestfriend or your worst enemy. she’s really easy to talk to, and can get guys really easily as well. guys are just generally attracted to her, because of her great looks, and personality. she is a very kind and lovable person… you should really get to know her if you don’t as well.
“omg namrata is so amazing, i wish i was as amazing as her”
“namrata is awesome. i want to be just like her. i wish i was as amazing as her.”
the quality of softness, gentile and inner strength
namra in sanskrit = quality of being polite and gentle

we pray to god with namrata

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