‘nancied’ (adj.) – when a player goes “all in” in a game of poker (texas hold ’em), with little chance of winning, but eventually secures the winning hand after the flop, usually on the river (3rd & final round), and often without knowing that they have actually won. this player is said to have ‘nancied’ her opponents.

from an alternative point of view: when a player with a strong hand on the flop (1st round) or the turn (2nd round), and gets knocked out by an opponent using the above strategy, it is said that s/he has been ‘nancied’.

this technique has been repeatedly demonstrated by legendary poker player nancy, from caroline springs (victoria, australia), who is notorious for her incredible luck and cluelessness.

the term is also used in a wider context around melbourne, when someone has been a victim of a fluke or extremely good luck, despite being in a strong position in the situation.
“mate, i had a straight on the flop and went all in. this guy called me with a pair, then ended up getting a full house on the river!!”
“yeah mate, you got nancied.”

“bl–dy h-ll mate, i was going to hook up with that girl, but then that drunk guy started hitting on her! he had no idea what he was doing, but she liked it!”
“yeah mate, you got nancied.”

“d-mn! i was totally nancied in my interview today! turns out the other bimbo i was interviewed with knew the interviewer!”
the state of being so intoxicated that you may vomit and/or lose clothing. typically results in friends or strangers taking care of you, sometimes in inclement weather.
wow, lindsey got so nancied last night! we had to carry her out of the bar after she puked on herself and then her top came off in the pouring rain!

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