nancybel is just another fancy nancy. the definition of your cliché stuck up girl. thinks she is better than everyone else. “pretends to go to church to be a good person type of girl.” always post pictures of her and her significant other madly in love. fails to mention that he also always cheats on her too. yet, she will fake it till she makes you convinced. everyone keeps nancybel close because she’s convinced everyone she has lots of money. however, she is almost always very, very poor. it’s expensive to keep that persona though. her personality has evolved around money and popularity, she’ll go bankrupt to fake it till she makes it. once she doesn’t have either of the two, she is depressed. nancybel is as fake as the relationships she flaunts and the happiness that she doesn’t have. oh, fancy nancybel get over yourself. get out of your ur-n-s!
girl: “i love my boyfriend he is so good to me. he is so rich and has plenty of supermarkets. he’s rich just like me
boy: “sure, we all know your boyfriend got another girl pregnant. you parent’s went bankrupt too. stop acting like a nancybel!”

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