when your nan gives you money and you spend it on weed.
ah man i feel bad, i’m smoking nannabis again…

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  • speedy

    when you take credit for others accomplishments. man he took my idea for the water cooler. lol johnny pulled a speedy. make shift cab, cheaper, but also much, much more sketch. common around the niagara region in southern ontario we didn’t have enough money after getting our 40’s, so we had to take a speedy […]

  • bill payday

    when all you can do with your paycheck is pay your bills, you dont’t have a pay day-you have a bill payday. tim: hey bill! is tomorrow payday? bill: not for me! it’s bill payday!😫

  • doway

    to die or to leave lets doway or lets leave.

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    overdose the two-bit junkie had a two-bit cocaine dump, to mort’s father, isaac.

  • liquid johnny

    a made-up s-xual euphemism designed to confuse and horrify the friends ericka, nate, and/or sam. and then i gave him a liquid johnny

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