nansy is a girl who has a hard time trusting others because of what has happened in the past. she is very curious of many things. any guy would be lucky to date nansy because she is someone who doesn’t cheat on their significant other and she treats them with respect and love. she is good at dancing and is a talented artist. at first she is shy but once you gain her confidence, she is hard to get away from because of her awesome personality and humor. she doesn’t get what she wants right away or things do t turn out to be as planned but in the end, things are better than before.

unlike many people, she isn’t afraid to be herself. she doesn’t need makeup to look pretty. although she loves to eat, she also likes to stay in shape not to impress other, but she does it for her own good. she is a girl who likes to talk to others but doesn’t trust them all. she doesn’t go around spreading rumors but instead keeps everything that someone tells her to herself. she isn’t like others who likes going on dates unless she truly likes that person. she won’t go around dating everyone that asks her. whoever has her as a friend is lucky and even more if they are her significant other.
i will never forget nansy.

i can’t stop thinking of nansy.

i am so d-mn lucky to have her in my life.
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