an evil little monkey that loves to steal your shoes and tampons, always be careful to steer clear of her as her favorite s-x toy is a big black strap on.
that bish just tried to rape my -ss, oh she’s so naoual!

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    smoked and then fried the froaked chicken was delicious.

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    noun- a woman with an -ss that’s soft for pushing and accommodating for easy -n-l. met this girl last night and took her back to my place. happy to say she was an easy -ss.

  • sh*r*man

    someone who is related to a mexican rape gang and try’s to enter america ellis – ” plz let me in!” donald trump – ” stop being a sh-r-man! america closed”

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    bad–ss band with a latin rock-dance sound but for some unknown reason seems relegated to playing at local supermarkets and big box stores. dude, your sound is dope! record label-ready, not so much; but jalapeno deep all the way!!!

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    a company, founded by foodie, that recommends good food around singapore. not sure whether some of the reviews are paid for by feeding him. raja: wanna go eat at loy’s dim sum? tan: nice meh? raja: dunno. but makansutra rank it as the best tim sum in the south of singapore leh! tan: so impressive […]

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