this refers to when the ego revolves around one’s p-n-s.
no sir, i was not staring at your crotch. stop being so narcisissd-ck!

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    burt reynold style. a reference to the movie smokey the bandit, a movie in which burt reynolds stared in. so you’r going bandit reynold’s style?

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    a big set of br–sts man, check out the rib pontoons on that sl-t!

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    a progressive deathcore band from the chicagoland area. while keeping most deathcore elements intact in their music(mid-range screams/growls, chuggy breakdowns), they utilize very progressive elements such as odd time signatures, keyboards, mixed genres, etc. most believe this is due to all of the band’s members being avid weed smokers! rosecrance is bad-ss

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