a person reaching young adulthood around the year 2020 aka a gen z’er. narcissenials are all special, tender reeds & tend to be overconfident where they truly don’t know that they don’t know…nor do they question whether or not they could possibly be incorrect or not know something . ent-tlement & narcissism are common traits – it’s all about them. they have unrealistic expectations which leads to great disillusionment. they are products of helicopter parenting, & as it is with millenials, they are h&icapped & impaired by this into early adulthood. if our ancestor h-m- sapiens helicopter parented, modern man would likely not have come to exist. the tundra & wild carnivores would’ve swallowed us up since we were not taught how to fend or fight for ourselves. today, though parented out of love, helicopter parents are not doing their kids any favors & need to quickly realize that they are doing more harm & damage than anything else.

– they have the highest number followers on sm sites like twitter & instagram; facebook is seen as a social media site for the ‘older folks’ by narcissenials.

– they’ve mastered how to affect the ratio of ‘followed-by’ to ‘following’ ratio & go to extremes to have a greater ‘follower’ number than who they are following; the greater the delta, the more success they feel they’ve achieved.
holy sh-t b-lls! taking selfies can be so addicting…i think that i’m a legit narcissenial!

for christ’s sake dave, does the kid have to pose and take a picture of every single thing he does? is the kid a narcissenial?

man oh man, i wish wendy could see how her rapid-fire fish-lips selfies make her look like she got recent botox injections. do you think i should tell her she’s a certifiable narcissenial?

narcissenials taking selfies in public are fair game for photo bombers – 100%.

millenial self-absorbed clueless head in the clouds selfies fish lips ent-tlement generation z

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